Alternative Vote Review II

In this week’s bumper fun Alternative Vote Review we look at some of the issues for the Conservative Party caused by the Referendum and we have a brief look at some of the polling.

Lib Dem asks if Cameron will resign.

and Jonathan Isaby worries that voting Yes in the Alternative Vote referendum will make us all foreign.

 and Yes to Fairer Votes Katie Ghose lays out her stall on the BBC

Lilliiput and the Question of Eggs as imagined by Dicky Moore, an entertaining discussion of the problems with First Past the Post whilst Colin Grey gives us a superb video on the problems with First Past the Post.

Mark Reckons Cameron might actually want the Alternative Vote to Pass and considers how the Conservatives use the Alternative Vote system for their own elections.

Duncan Stott asks us how representative is Parliament and gives a hint of an answer with a simple, yet beautiful pie chart.

Bringing Down the Coalition

Bristol West Paul considers if a Yes Vote might bring pressure to bear on Cameron and weaken the coalition as the Tory Right run amoke through Lib Dem inspired policy.

Sentiments echoed by a “senior Tory frontbencher” in the Herald and reflected in this report by TrustLaw and David Radstock looks at how a Yes Vote might affect the campaign against cuts being run by UK Uncut

A competition is being run to find the best way to represent the Alternative Vote voting System. Entries close on Friday 18th March 

Stackee considers some of the cost analysis of the Alternative Vote and finds them wanting and goes on to talk about voter choice being worth the money. Sentiments echoed by Yes to Fairer Votes Camden

Katie Ghose considers the gender politics implications of the Alternative Vote

Commentary on YouGov from before Christmas consider how polling methods affect polling outcomes and how the quality of the campaigns will make a difference to the outcome in May.

Whilst a more recent article on more recent polls by Political Betting notes that the Yes Campaign appear to be edging ahead, including in polls commissioned by No2AV

 In a poll of himself, Boris Backer uses the Alternative Vote system to show that he’ll be voting No in May.

and finally on polls, Anthony Green looks at the opinion Australians have of the Alternative Vote and they should know, they’ve used is since 1918,

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Review 1 – Alternative Vote Referendum

Welcome, welcome, welcome, to this the first edition of the Alternative Vote Review.  We offer a cornucopia, brim full and o’erflowing of the pick, the cream, the best of the best, of national and local commentary on the Alternative Vote Referendum and the Alternative Vote System.

In this edition, we look at the cross party nature of the campaigns, we consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of electoral reform and we have reports from the series of national debates on the Alternative Vote System.


Nominations and Editoral Policy

This is the Alternative Vote Review, a weekly review of the best of the commentary on the UK’s referendum on the Alternative Vote. We are looking for the best of coverage from around the UK or across the world on the Alternative Vote referendum. We’ll be covering both campaigns, Yes and No and the referendum in general until the UK decides to adopt, or not, the alternative vote voting system on 5th May 2011.

We’ll be taking nominations for the week’s best coverage of the referendum.

This could include newspaper articles, videos, podcasts, songs, blog post, poems, Facebook status updates, tweets, comments on articles, jokes and acts of interpretive dance.

If it appears on the internet and it’s good we’ll review it.

Reviews will be at least weekly. As the campaign heats  up we expect them to be more frequent. From time to time we’ll publish themed retrospective Reviews, so don’t worry if  your favourite piece was published before  the Review started, nominate it anyway and we’ll try to include in a Retrospective Review.

To nominate a piece please email the Editor at or post a comment here.

Here at the Alternative Vote Review we welcome discussion.  If you have an opinion on one of the articles reviewed please comment. We’d love to hear from you. The Alternative Vote Referendum is a democratic exercise about the type of democracy we want in the UK and democracy starts and ends with free speech. Get stuck in, but keep it polite, avoid ad hominem attacks and, for the love of David Allen Green, don’t libel anyone, please.

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